Contemporary African Linguistics

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 Contemporary African Linguistics


  • Michael Marlo (University of Missouri, editor-in-chief)
  • Laura J. Downing (University of Gothenburg)
  • Akinbiyi Akinlabi (Rutgers University)

Editorial Board

  • Lee Bickmore (SUNY-Albany)
  • Michael Cahill (SIL)
  • Sharon Rose (University of California, San Diego)

Aims and Scope

The aim of this series is to advance and sustain research on African languages. It will publish at least one annual volume, namely, selected papers from the Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL), beginning with the 45th conference, held in 2014. ACAL has been held every year since 1970 and represents the largest annual gathering of Africa-oriented linguists in the world. The conference provides a forum for the presentation of current research on African languages by scholars from North America, Europe, Africa, and elsewhere. A subset of the presented papers, selected through a strict peer-review process, provides a sampling of research in the field by top current researchers. The series will also publish peer-reviewed compilations and monographs featuring research on other topics in African linguistics as long as no other, more specialized, venue exists within Language Science Press (e.g. African Language Grammars and Dictionaries or Monographs on Comparative Niger-Congo. Submissions to this series can be in either English or French. Please refer to the submission guidelines.


Contemporary African Linguistics has the ISSN 2511-7726.


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Cover image of  " Descriptive and theoretical approaches to African linguistics"

Forthcoming: Descriptive and theoretical approaches to African linguistics: Selected papers from the 49th Annual Conference on African Linguistics

Galen Sibanda; Mary Amaechi, Doreen Georgi, Abraham Kwesi Bisilki, Kenyon Branan, Colin Davis, Terrance Gatchalian, Rachel Lee, Carolin Tyrchan, Mohamed Mwamzandi, Lydia Newkirk, Kenneth S. Olson, Hannah Sande, Virginia Dawson, Josephat Rugemalira; Deo Ngonyani, Jonathan Choti, Ann Biersteker; Angelina Nduku Kioko, Karsten Legère, Bernd Heine, Christa König, Samuel Gyasi Obeng, Abdul-Razak Sulemana, Claire Halpert, George Akanlig-Pare, Ken Hiraiwa, Samuel Awinkene Atintono, John Goldsmith, Fidèle Mpiranya, Augustina Owusu, Michael R. Marlo, Rebecca Grollemund, Thanh Nguyen, Erik Platner, Sarah Pribe, Alexa Thein, Yan Cong
June 14, 2021

Forthcoming: Celebrating 50 years of ACAL: Selected Papers from the 50th Annual Conference on African Linguistics

Lee Bickmore (ed), Michael Cahill (ed), Michael Diercks (ed), Laura J Downing (ed), James Essegbey (ed), Katie Franich (ed), Laura McPherson (ed)
October 22, 2020

African linguistics across the disciplines: Selected papers from the 48th Annual Conference on African Linguistics

Samson Lotven (ed), Silvina Bongiovanni (ed), Phillip Weirich (ed), Robert Botne (ed), Samuel Gyasi Obeng (ed)
November 14, 2018

African linguistics on the prairie: Selected papers from the 45th Annual Conference on African Linguistics

Jason Kandybowicz (ed), Travis Major (ed), Harold Torrence (ed)
June 14, 2018

Diversity in African languages: Selected papers from the 46th Annual Conference on African Linguistics

Doris L. Payne (ed), Sara Pacchiarotti (ed), Mokaya Bosire (ed)
February 8, 2017