Phraseology and Multiword Expressions

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 Phraseology and Multiword Expressions


  • Petya Osenova (Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski", Bulgaria, and
    Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian
    Academy of Sciences)
  • Lonneke van der Plas (Idiap Research Institute, Martigny,
    Switzerland, and University of Malta, Malta)
  • Carlos Ramisch (Aix-Marseille University, France)
  • Victoria Rosén (University of Bergen, Norway)
  • Mike Rosner (University of Malta, Malta)
  • Manfred Sailer (Goethe University Frankfurt a.M., Germany)

Editorial Board

  • Eduard Bejček (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Francis Bond (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  • Fabienne Cap (Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • Matthieu Constant (Universiy of Lorraine, Nancy, France)
  • Paul Cook (University of New Brunswick, Canada)
  • Béatrice Daille (University of Nantes, France)
  • Mona Diab (Washington University, USA)
  • Gülşen Eryiğit (Istambul Technical University, Turkey)
  • Dan Flickinger (Stanford University, USA)
  • Tracy Holloway King (A9, USA)
  • Cvetana Krstev (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Koenraad Kuiper (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
  • Lori Levin (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
  • Timm Lichte (Uni­ver­sity of Tübingen, Germany)
  • Preslav Nakov (Qatar Computing Research Institute, Quatar)
  • Jan Odijk (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
  • Yannick Parmentier (University of Orléans, France)
  • Carla Parra Escartín (Unbabel, Portugal)
  • Agnieszka Patejuk (University of Oxford, UK; Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Agata Savary (Université Paris-Saclay, France)
  • Nathan Schneider (Georgetown University, USA)
  • Sabine Schulte im Walde (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Gyri Smørdal Losnegaard (University of Bergen, Norway)
  • Kathrin Steyer (University of Mannheim, Germany)
  • Aline Villavicencio (University of Sheffield, UK, and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
  • Veronika Vincze (Unversity of Szeged, Hungarian Academy, Hungary)
  • Jakub Waszczuk (University of Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Eric Wehrli (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Shuly Wintner (University of Haifa, Israel)

See the Gitlab space dedicated to the activity of the Editorial Board, including yearly reports of the series.

Previous editors

Yannick Parmentier (-2019)

Agata Savary (-2022)

Aims and scope

This series aims to publish high quality books about conventionalized, idiosyncratic combinations of words. Within the field of phraseology such word combinations are sometimes called phrasemes, while the computational linguistics community uses the term multiword expressions for them. Various subtypes of such word combinations are of interest, such as multiword compounds, multiword terms, multiword named entities, light verb constructions, phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations, formulaic speech, proverbs, etc. The series is open to different approaches so as to create a forum for an interdisciplinary and cross-framework exchange of research results, including but not limited to the following subdisciplines:

  • Computational linguistics and natural language processing
  • Computer science
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Lexicography
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Theoretical linguistics

We publish books addressing all topics related to theoretical, computational, and empirical approaches to phraseology including:

  • Linguistic properties and typologies of multiword expressions, especially in multilingual frameworks
  • Electronic lexical resources including multiword expressions
  • Formal grammatical description of multiword expressions
  • Parsing technologies including multiword expressions
  • Identification and annotation of multiword expressions in corpora and treebanks
  • Multiword expressions in machine translation and other multilingual applications


We invite volume proposals of several pages containing:

  • planned title,
  • overall content and aims of the book, and the related state of the art
  • structure of the volume (i.e. chapter titles, or titles of papers and authors’ names if any)
  • timeline
  • short bibliographical notes about the editors, including their editorial experience (if any)
  • details of how the editors plan to ensure a satisfactory level of reviewing; this should include the preferred reviewing process from those documented in the LangSci guidelines

Each new proposal will first be discussed by the 5 editors of the series and then reviewed by at least two other referees.


All contributions are welcome in English.


Additionally to the Language Science Press guidelines, PMWE authors should follow these conventions for examples containing multiword expressions.
To check that a (pre-)final version of a chapter/volume conforms to the LSP and the PMWE editorial guidelines, please, use this checklist.

Past reviewers

PMWE would like to thank the following researchers, who have served as reviewers for past volumes:

Dimitra Anastasiou, Doug Arnold, Timothy Baldwin, Eduard Bejček, Melanie Bell, Jens Bölte, Gosse Bouma, António Branco, Marie Candito, Fabienne Cap, Anastasia Christofidou, Matthieu Constant, Paul Cook, Silvio Ricardo Cordeiro, Béatrice Daille, Gaël Dias, Ray Fabri, Christina Gagné, Voula Giouli, Voula Gotsoulia, Jack Hoeksema, Giannina Iordăchioaia, Tracy Holloway King, Philipp Koehn, Svetla Koeva, Dimitrios Kokkinakis, Yannis Korkontzelos, Cvetana Krstev, Koenraad Kuiper, Eric Laporte, Alessandro Lenci, Timm Lichte, Gyri S. Losnegaard, Ana Luis, Marco Marelli, Stella Markantonatou, Héctor Martínez Alonso, Nurit Melnik, Verginica Mititelu, Johanna Monti, Stefan Müller, Preslav Nakov, Joakim Nivre, Jan Odijk, Petya Osenova, Harris Papageorgiou, Yannick Parmentier, Carla Parra Escartín, Agnieszka Patejuk, Pavel Pecina, Scott Piao, Lonneke van der Plas, Carlos Ramisch, Martin Riedl, Victoria Rosén, Michael Rosner, Manfred Sailer, Agata Savary, Martin Schäfer, Nils Schiller, Nathan Schneider, Sabine Schulte Im Walde, Thomas Spalding, Alexandros Tantos, Ruben Urizar, Aline Villavicencio, Veronika Vincze, Jakub Waszczuk and Shuly Wintner


The ISSN for Phraseology and Multiword Expressions is 2625-3127


All Books

book cover

Formulaic language: Theories and methods

Aleksandar Trklja (ed), Łukasz Grabowski (ed)
February 17, 2021

Multiword expressions: Insights from a multi-lingual perspective

Manfred Sailer (ed), Stella Markantonatou (ed)
October 16, 2017

Multiword expressions at length and in depth: Extended papers from the MWE 2017 workshop

Stella Markantonatou (ed), Carlos Ramisch (ed), Agata Savary (ed), Veronika Vincze (ed)
June 18, 2018

Representation and parsing of multiword expressions: Current trends

Yannick Parmentier (ed), Jakub Waszczuk (ed)
July 4, 2019