Information for librarians and booksellers

Language Science Press does not sell books itself. Printed copies as hardcovers and softcovers are available under the known distribution channels/VLB.  You can also write an email to Our books are also available on Amazon.

Our titles normally  have 2 ISBNs (digital and hardcover). For textbooks, we might issue softcover versions.

Language Science Press has had three different ISBN prefixes over the course of time: 978-3-929619 and 978-3-944675 and 978-3-96110.

All our books are listed in the Directory of Open Access Books, Google Books, Amazon, VLB, Zenodo , EBSCO and Proquest. We also have contract with Scopus.

German librarians wondering how to order softcover copies of older books via VLB, please read this blogpost.

We are happy to add more detailed information about your region of the world if you let us know which information you require.

Our OAI page is

Our books go to the Refubium of the Freie Universität for long term preservation.