Information for authors & editors

Authors can publish with Language Science Press free of charges. Have a look at the benefits of publishing open access with us and get convinced. Take in the author guidelines and have a tour through the submission process with our srceencast "Hot to submit a manuscript". You may find the detailed description of the general workflow helpful.


Publishing with us is great for many reasons.
  • Open Access - all books are published free of access to everybody, worldwide
  • No fees - Currently the publication of a book in language science press is free of charges thanks to generous grants from our sponsors.
  • Retain copyright - you retain copyright and are free to disseminate your article, make copies for any use, and/or deposit in any repository or archive you like.
  • Support the community- by publishing your book with us you support the linguistic community and enable young scientists to read your work
  • Be read - because our books are free to everybody, more people access the books and cite you.

Author guidelines

Submitted manuscripts should follow the recommendations stated in the Generic Style Rules for Linguistics. Please follow these guidelines. The generic rules are complemented by house rules, described in the LangSci Guidelines.


Have a look at the description of the workflow in general for more details. Refer to the guidelines for details of the reviewing procedure.


For more information, see the screencasts on our YouTube channel.

Note that the platform is still under development. If you have questions concerning the use of the software contact Sebastian Nordhoff.

Proposing a new series

If you want to establish a new series, please fill out the proposal form. The proposal will be sent to our advisory board. It will take about one month to take a decision.