Topics at the Grammar-Discourse Interface

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 Topics at the Grammar-Discourse Interface


  • Philippa Cook (University of Potsdam),
  • Anke Holler (University of Göttingen),
  • Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen (University of Oslo)

Editorial Board

  • Elizabeth Coppock (Gothenburg)
  • Laurence Danlos (Paris)
  • Stefanie Dipper (Bochum)
  • Markus Egg (HU-Berlin)
  • Kai von Fintel (MIT)
  • Barbara Hemforth (Paris)
  • Manfred Krifka (HU-Berlin)
  • Elsi Kaiser (Los Angeles)
  • Magdalena Kaufmann (Storrs)
  • Andrew Kehler (San Diego)
  • Alex Lascarides (Edinburgh)
  • Line Mikkelsen (Berkeley)
  • Livia Polanyi (Stanford)
  • Torgrim Solstad (ZAS Berlin)
  • Manfred Stede (Potsdam)
  • Christiane von Stutterheim (Heidelberg)
  • Marc de Vries (Groningen)
  • Bonnie Webber (Edinburgh)

Aims and Scope

We publish high-quality monographs and edited collections focusing on issues in linguistics that are located at the interface between discourse structure, information structure and text structure.

In particular, the series addresses the following areas of linguistics: discourse structure, rhetorical relations, information structure (within and beyond the clause), anaphora resolution, textual cohesion, ellipsis, salience, etc. We have a focus on using naturally-occuring data (whether from linguistic corpora or from literary texts) wherever possible.

The kind of topics we would like so see addressed include (but are not limited to):

  • formalisms for modelling principles of discourse felicity, information structure (within as well as beyond the clause unit).
  • the role of information structure in determining anaphora resolution, crosslinguistic variation with regard to this.
  • information structure and ellipsis.
  • scope phenomena and their interaction with information structure and lexical semantics.
  • sentence connection.
  • perspective in literary text.
  • experimental studies addressing issues of the grammar-discourse interface.
  • computational approaches to discourse phenomena.


We accept submissions in English and German. For the time being, however, submission is closed until further notice.


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Demonstratives in discourse

Åshild Næss (ed), Anna Margetts (ed), Yvonne Treis (ed)
July 28, 2020

Quantification and scales in change

Remus Gergel (ed), Jonathan Watkins (ed)
August 19, 2019
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Communication and content

Prashant Parikh
June 5, 2019