We are available for internship proposals. Internships will be either 6 weeks full time or 3 months half time. In both cases  the place of work is Berlin. Non EU-citizens will have to have a work permit. Tasks can include, but are not limited to: typesetting of linguistic examples, tables, trees, diagrams, maps; cover creation; facilitation of community proofreading; metadata creation; catalogue housekeeping, proofreading of texts, testing of user interfaces and creation of manuals and guidelines. Applicants should specify which tasks they would be interested in and why. Applicants should have

  1. a strong commitment towards openness in science
  2. a good knowledge of linguistics as a science, including acquaintance with different subfields and different languages.
  3. good knowledge of computers, preferably involving the command line
  4. good command of English
  5. some experience with the structure of scientific papers and books
  6. some familiarity with either HTML/XML or TeX.

You get bonus points for:

  1. good knowledge of LaTeX
  2. knowledge of versioning systems such as git
  3. background in software development
  4. background in scientific publication as either an author, an editor, a manager or a librarian
  5. background in graphic design
  6. prior involvement with Language Science Press as a community effort (e.g. community proofreading)

The gross monthly salary for an internship is 1600 EUR (based on 40h/week, part-time is possible). Depending on your individual situation, the net salary will most probably be between 1100 and 1300 EUR.  Please direct your application to The application should include a cover letter and a CV (no photos, please). You can optionally add sample publications of yours to illustrate your competences.

Language Science Press is a very innovative publisher. We care more about your spirit and your commitment than about your formal education, so feel free to apply even if you are outside of the academic circle.