Niger-Congo Comparative Studies

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 Niger-Congo Comparative Studies


  • Valentin Vydrin (Chief Editor, INALCO – LLACAN, CNRS, Paris)
  • Larry Hyman (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Konstantin Pozdniakov (INALCO – LLACAN, CNRS, Paris)
  • Guillaume Segerer (LLACAN, CNRS, Paris)
  • John Watters (SIL International, Dallas, Texas)

Aims and Scope

The aim of the proposed series is to enhance comparative-historical studies and linguistic reconstruction of proto-languages of the groups and families within Niger-Congo, and eventually, of Proto-Niger-Congo itself. The monographs in this series may be authored by one person or by a team of specialists. They will deal with all aspects of comparative-historical Niger-Congo studies, including both segmental and prosodic phonology, morphology and syntax, etymological dictionaries of groups and families, problems of genetic classification, application of statistical methods to the comparative-historical Niger-Congo studies, correlation of genetic relationships, contact-induced affinities, and so on.



Niger-Congo Comparative Studies has the ISSN 2627-0048


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On reconstructing Proto-Bantu grammar

Koen Bostoen (ed), Gilles-Maurice de Schryver (ed), Rozenn Guérois (ed), Sara Pacchiarotti (ed)
December 30, 2022