Our download figures are regularly disclosed on Twitter. They are also available for download as *csv from GitHub.

Our funding is disclosed on the sponsors page.

In February each year, we disclose our financial data for the preceding year with revenues and expenditures. That report also contains a section on carbon footprint.

Language Science Press is a non-profit. Its associates are Stefan Müller, Martin Haspelmath, and Sebastian Nordhoff at 33% each. Law forbids the distribution of profits among the associates (Abgabenordnung §55 (1²)).

We give every author what they need for the creation of their book. Some books need more support, others less. This is fine. We do not have lists of services provided as we believe that such lists are detrimental for the world of book publications as a whole. You can read more about this in Outcompeting Gold: Sharing the Basics for Collaborative Approaches to Scholarly Publishing.