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Languages of the Caucasus


Editorial board

  • Winfried Boeder (Universität Oldenburg)
  • Viacheslav Chirikba (Abkhazian State University)
  • Jost Gippert (Universität Frankfurt)
  • George Hewitt (SOAS University of London)
  • Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Nina Sumbatova (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow)
  • Yakov Testelets (Russian State University for the Humanities)
  • Nino Amiridze (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Aims and scope

This series publishes monographs and edited volumes dealing with languages spoken in the Caucasus, thus covering the three Caucasian language families (West Caucasian, East Caucasian and South Caucasian, also known as Abkhaz-Adyghe, Nakh-Daghestanian, and Kartvelian) as well as languages from other families primarily spoken in the Caucasus (e.g. Armenian, Ossetic, Azerbaijani). Acceptable formats of books are grammars, dictionaries, comparative studies and also studies of particular phenomena in one or several languages of the Caucasus. In line with the Russian tradition of language description, a special format will be collaborative descriptions.


The series accepts publications in English, Russian, French, and German.  

Past reviewers

LoC would like to thank the following researchers, who have served as reviewers for past volumes:

Gilles Authier, Natasha Bogomolova, Ilya Chechuro, Denis Creissels, Misha Daniel, Nina Dobrushina, Dima Ganenkov, Linda Konnerth, Yura Lander, Timur Maisak, Zarina Molochieva, George Moroz, Jérémy Pasquereau, Stefan Schnell, Nina Sumbatova, Jussi Ylikoski, Lena Borise, Samira (Helena) Verhees, Vadim Radionov, Aleksandr Arkhipov, Oleg Belyaev, Francesca Di Garbo, Diana Forker, Martin Haspelmath, Olesya Khanina, Nina Sumbatova, Yakov Testelets,




Languages of the Caucasus has the ISSNs 2699-0148 (Print) and ISSN 2699-0156 (Online)  

All Books

Cover for A grammar of Sanzhi Dargwa A grammar of Sanzhi Dargwa
Diana Forker (Author)
June 21, 2019
Cover for  The Mehweb language: Essays on phonology, morphology and syntax The Mehweb language: Essays on phonology, morphology and syntax
Michael Daniel, Nina Dobrushina, Dmitry Ganenkov (Volume Editor)
October 19, 2018