Multiword expressions at length and in depth: Extended papers from the MWE 2017 workshop

Stella Markantonatou   Carlos Ramisch   Agata Savary   Veronika Vincze  


The annual workshop on multiword expressions takes place since 2001 in conjunction with major computational linguistics conferences and attracts the attention of an ever-growing community working on a variety of languages, linguistic phenomena and related computational processing issues. MWE 2017 took place in Valencia, Spain, and represented a vibrant panorama of the current research landscape on the computational treatment of multiword expressions, featuring many high-quality submissions. Furthermore, MWE 2017 included the first shared task on multilingual identification of verbal multiword expressions. The shared task, with extended communal work, has developed important multilingual resources and mobilised several research groups in computational linguistics worldwide.

This book contains extended versions of selected papers from the workshop. Authors worked hard to include detailed explanations, broader and deeper analyses, and new exciting results, which were thoroughly reviewed by an internationally renowned committee. We hope that this distinctly joint effort will provide a meaningful and useful snapshot of the multilingual state of the art in multiword expressions modelling and processing, and will be a point point of reference for future work.


  • Preface
    Stella Markantonatou, Carlos Ramisch, Agata Savary, Veronika Vincze
  • “Spilling the bag” on idiomatic variation
    Kristina Geeraert, R. Harald Baayen, John Newman
  • Paraphrases of verbal multiword expressions
    the case of Czech light verbs and idioms
    Petra Barančíková, Václava Kettnerová
  • Identifying senses of particles in verb-particle constructions
    Archna Bhatia, Choh Man Teng, James F. Allen
  • PARSEME multilingual corpus of verbal multiword expressions
    Agata Savary, Marie Candito, Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Eduard Bejček, Fabienne Cap, Slavomir Čéplö, Silvio Ricardo Cordeiro, Gülşen Eryiğit, Voula Giouli, Maarten van Gompel, Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner, Jolanta Kovalevskaitė, Simon Krek, Chaya Liebeskind, Johanna Monti, Carla Parra Escartín, Lonneke van der Plas, Behrang QasemiZadeh, Carlos Ramisch, Federico Sangati, Ivelina Stoyanova, Veronika Vincze
  • Analysis and Insights from the PARSEME Shared Task dataset
    Alfredo Maldonado, Behrang QasemiZadeh
  • Semantic reranking of CRF label sequences for verbal multiword expression identification
    Erwan Moreau, Ashjan Alsulaimani, Alfredo Maldonado, Lifeng Han, Carl Vogel, Koel Dutta Chowdhury
  • A transition-based verbal multiword expression analyzer
    Hazem Al Saied, Marie Candito, Matthieu Constant
  • Identifying verbal multiword expressions with POS tagging and parsing techniques
    Katalina Ilona Simkó, Viktória Kovács, Veronika Vincze
  • Semi-automated resolution of inconsistency for a harmonized multiword-expression and dependency-parse annotation
    Julian Brooke, King Chan, Timothy Baldwin
  • Sequence models and lexical resources for MWE identification in French
    Manon Scholivet, Carlos Ramisch, Silvio Ricardo Cordeiro
  • Identification of multiword expressions
    A fresh look at modelling and evaluation
    Shiva Taslimipoor, Omid Rohanian, Ruslan Mitkov, Afsaneh Fazly
  • Comparing bilingual word embeddings to translation dictionaries for extracting multilingual collocation equivalents
    Marcos Garcia
  • Exploiting multilingual lexical resources to predict MWE compositionality
    Bahar Salehi, Paul Cook, Timothy Baldwin



Stella Markantonatou

Stella Markantonatou is a research director at Institute for Language and Speech Processing/Athena RIC, Athens, Greece. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Essex (UK). She has published on the formal study of the syntax-semantics interface, on phrase-based machine translation, and on the development of lexical resources. She has been a co-organiser of the MWE 2015, 2016 and 2017 workshops; currently she is a member of the standing committee of the SIGLEX–MWE Section.

Carlos Ramisch

Carlos Ramisch is an assistant professor and researcher at Aix Marseille University (France). He has a double PhD in computer science from the University of Grenoble (France) and from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). His research focuses on integrating multiword expressions processing into natural language processing models. He is interested in MWE discovery, representation and translation, lexical resources, computational semantics and machine learning. He co-chaired several editions of the MWE workshop from 2010 to 2018, co-edited a journal special issue on MWEs, co-organized the PARSEME shared task, developed the mwetoolkit, and co-authored several papers published at major conferences in computational linguistics, a survey and a book on MWEs.

Agata Savary

Agata Savary is an associate professor in computer science at the University of Tours (France). She received her MSc degree in computer science from the University of Warsaw (Poland), and her PhD in computer science and applications from the ​University of Marne-la-Vallée (France). Her research interests include natural language processing, language resources and tools, multiword expressions, named entities, corpus annotation, computational morphology, finite state tools and XML processing. She served as the chair of the European IC1207 COST Action PARSEME (2013-2017) dedicated to parsing and multiword expressions. She co-chaired several editions of the MWE workshop and of the PARSEME shared task. She is currently the elected representative of the SIGLEX​-MWE Section and the co-editor-in-chief of the "Phraseology and Multiword Expressions" book​ ​series​ at​ Language​ Science​ Press.

Veronika Vincze

Veronika Vincze is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Szeged (Hungary). She has PhD degrees in linguistics and computer science, both from the University of Szeged. Her research interests include corpus building, information extraction, computational morphology and parsing, dependency syntax and multiword expressions. She has co-organized several national and international conferences (e.g. GWC2008, Szeged, Hungary, IWCLUL 2016, Szeged, Hungary) and she was a co-chair of the CoNLL-2010 Shared Task on Uncertainty Detection and the PARSEME Shared Tasks on Identifying Verbal Multiword Expressions.


June 18, 2018
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