Translation, interpreting, cognition: The way out of the box

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Cognitive aspects of the translation process have become central in Translation and Interpreting Studies in recent years, further establishing the field of Cognitive Translatology. Empirical and interdisciplinary studies investigating translation and interpreting processes promise a hitherto unprecedented predictive and explanatory power. This collection contains such studies which observe behaviour during translation and interpreting. The contributions cover a vast area and investigate behaviour during translation and interpreting – with a focus on training of future professionals, on language processing more generally, on the role of technology in the practice of translation and interpreting, on translation of multimodal media texts, on aspects of ergonomics and usability, on emotions, self-concept and psychological factors, and finally also on revision and post-editing. For the present publication, we selected a number of contributions presented at the Second International Congress on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition hosted by the Tra&Co Lab at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.


  • Preface
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  • Multi-modal estimation of cognitive load in post-editing of machine translation
    Nico Herbig, Santanu Pal, Antonio Krüger, Josef van Genabith
  • Comparing NMT and PBSMT for post-editing in-domain formal texts: A case study
    Sergi Álvarez, Toni Badia, Antoni Oliver
  • German light verb construction in the course of the development of machine translation
    Shaimaa Marzouk
  • Dialogue-oriented evaluation of Microsoft’s Skype Translator in the language pair Catalan-German
    Felix Hoberg
  • Investigating post-editing
    A mixed-methods study with experienced and novice translators in the English-Greek language pair
    Maria Stasimioti, Vilelmini Sosoni
  • The processing of website contents in native and non-native language
    Jean Nitzke
  • Assessing indicators of cognitive effort in professional translators
    A study on language dominance and directionality
    Aline Ferreira, Stefan Th. Gries, John W. Schwieter
  • Attention distribution and monitoring during intralingual subtitling
    Anke Tardel, Silvia Hansen-Schirra, Moritz Schaeffer, Silke Gutermuth, Volker Denkel, Miriam Hagmann-Schlatterbeck
  • Eye tracking study of reading for translation and English-Russian sight translation
    Elena Kokanova, Maya Lyutyanskaya, Anna Cherkasova
  • Emotion and the social embeddedness of translation in the workplace
    Hanna Risku, Barbara Meinx


Author Biography

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The Tra&Co Group is well-versed in empirical translation process research, computer-aided translation workflows, translation competence studies and research on accessible communication. Funded by the Gutenberg Research College, the Tra&Co Lab offers the Group a world of empirical methods ranging from eye-tracking, to key-logging and EEG facilities. The Tra&Co Group consists of a young team of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers and has specialised in combining product- and process-based methods in multi-method and interdisciplinary approaches. The inspiring and fruitful research atmosphere which evolved around the Tra&Co Group has resulted in numerous high-quality publications, which are well received throughout the international research community.

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April 4, 2021
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