Interpreting and technology

Claudio Fantinuoli  


Unlike other professions, the impact of information and communication technology on interpreting has been moderate so far. However, recent advances in the areas of remote, computer-assisted, and, most recently, machine interpreting, are gaining the interest of both researchers and practitioners. This volume aims at exploring key issues, approaches and challenges to the interplay of interpreting and technology, an area that is still underrepresented in the field of Interpreting Studies. The contributions to this volume cover topics in the area of computer-assisted and remote interpreting, both in the conference as well as in the court setting, and report on experimental studies.


  • Interpreting and technology: The upcoming technological turn
    Claudio Fantinuoli
  • Simultaneous interpretation of numbers and the impact of technological support
    Bart Defranq, Bart Desmet, Mieke Vandierendonck
  • An exploratory study on CAI tools in Simultaneous Interpreting: theoretical framework and stimulus validation
    Bianca Prandi
  • Experimenting with computer-assisted interpreter training tools for the development of self-assessment skills: National Parliament of RSA
    Elizabeth Deysel, Harold Lesch
  • Technologies and role-space: how videoconference interpreting affects the court interpreter’s perception of her role
    Jerome Devaux
  • Present? Remote? Remotely present! New technological approaches to remote simultaneous conference interpreting
    Klaus Ziegler, Sebastiano Gigliobianco


Author Biography

Claudio Fantinuoli

Claudio Fantinuoli is Senior Lecturer at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germersheim. His main research and teaching areas include translation, interpreting and computer linguistics.


August 20, 2018
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