The Ik language: Dictionary and grammar sketch

Terrill Schrock  


This book is a dictionary and grammar sketch of Ik, one of the three Kuliak (Rub) languages spoken in the beautiful Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda. It is the lexicographic sequel to A grammar of Ik (Icé-tód): Northeast Uganda’s last thriving Kuliak language (Schrock 2014). The present volume includes an Ik-English dictionary with roughly 8,700 entries, followed by a reversed English-Ik index. These two main sections are then supplemented with an outline of Ik grammar that is comprehensive in its coverage of topics and written in a simple style, using standard linguistic terminology in a way that is accessible to interested non-linguists as well. This book may prove useful for language preservation and development among the Ik people, as a reference tool for non-Ik learners of the language, and as a source of data, not only for the comparative study of Kuliak but also the wider Afroasiatic and Nilo-Saharan language families.


Author Biography

Terrill Schrock
Terrill B. Schrock (1980) is an American field linguist who worked on the Ik language under SIL from 2008-2016. Prior linguistic experience included teaching English and studying Kazakh in Kazakhstan and working as an intern for a Russian-English translation company in the United States. He holds an MA in applied linguistics from the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (2007) and a PhD in linguistics from Leiden University (2014). In addition to language description, Terrill engaged in orthography development, translation, and community development among the Ik people.


March 6, 2017
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Schrock, Terrill. 2017. The Ik language: Dictionary and grammar sketch. (African Language Grammars and Dictionaries 1). Berlin: Language Science Press. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.344792


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