Forthcoming: Compound Intonation Units in Totoli: Postlexical prosody and the prosody-syntax interface

Christoph Bracks  


This book is an investigation into aspects of prosody, intonation and the prosody-syntax interface in Totoli, an endangered Austronesian language. With a strongly data-driven approach, the study integrates a combination of experimental evidence from both production and perception with corpus-based evidence through descriptive and inferential statistics.

The study takes the prime structuring unit of speech — the Intonation Unit — as its principal unit of investigation. It presents a thorough description of the IU, develops an intonational model of it, and investigates the syntactic units it contains. The author argues that the data is best analysed by assuming recursive embedding of Intonation Units into Compound Intonation Units.

This research represents a significant advancement in our understanding of the nature of prosodic systems found in the languages of the region and in intonational systems in general. It is one of the few investigations into the intonation of Austronesian languages and its analytical proposals are relevant both to prosodic theory and to phonological typology.

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Christoph Bracks

Christoph Bracks completed an MA in Islamic Studies at the University Brunei Darussalam and an MA in General Linguistics at the University of Cologne. He received a PhD at the University of Cologne at the CRC 1252 “Prominence in Language” before he started working at the Goethe University Frankfurt where he is currently employed in an ELDP-financed project.

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August 22, 2023
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Bracks, Christoph. Forthcoming. Compound Intonation Units in Totoli: Postlexical prosody and the prosody-syntax interface. (Topics in Phonological Diversity). Berlin: Language Science Press.


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