Advances in formal Slavic linguistics 2021

Petr Biskup   Marcel Börner (né Guhl)   Olav Mueller-Reichau   Iuliia Shcherbina  


Advances in formal Slavic linguistics 2021 offers a selection of articles that were prepared on the basis of talks given at the conference Formal Description of Slavic Languages 14 or at the satellite workshop on secondary imperfectives in Slavic, which were held on June 2–5, 2021, at the University of Leipzig. The volume covers all branches of Slavic languages and features synchronic as well as diachronic analyses. It comprises a wide array of topics, such as degree achievements, clitic climbing in Czech and Polish, typology of Slavic l-participles, aspectual markers in Russian and Czech, doubling in South Slavic relative clauses, congruence and case-agreement in close apposition in Russian, cataphora in Slovenian, Russian and Polish participles, prefixation and telicity in Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian adjectives, negative questions in Russian and German and imperfectivity in discourse. The numerous topics addressed demonstrate the importance of Slavic data and the analyses presented in this collection make a significant contribution to Slavic linguistics as well as to linguistics in general.


  • Specification of telicity in Serbo-Croatian, without null prefixes
    Boban Arsenijević
  • Doubling in South Slavic relative clauses and the predictability of morphosyntactic features
    Julia Bacskai-Atkari
  • Aspect separated from aspectual markers in Russian and Czech
    Petr Biskup
  • Degree achievements from a Slavic perspective
    Mojmír Dočekal, Lucia Vlášková, Maria Onoeva
  • “True” imperfectivity in discourse
    Berit Gehrke
  • Responding to negative biased questions in Russian
    Ljudmila Geist, Sophie Repp
  • Inflectionless adjectives in Bulgarian as a case of nominal predication
    Ekaterina Georgieva
  • Clitic climbing without restructuring in Czech and Polish
    Irenäus Kulik
  • Phi-congruence and case agreement in close apposition in Russian
    Ora Matushansky
  • Simple imperfective verbs, the sequence of similar events interpretation, and Slavic aspectual composition
    Stefan Milosavljević
  • Number mismatch effect and processing cataphora in a pro-drop language
    The case of Slovenian
    Matic Pavlič, Arthur Stepanov
  • Slavic L-periphrases
    Linguistic change and variation
    Hagen Pitsch
  • On the grammatical integration of n/t-participles of imperfective stems in Polish and Russian
    Björn Wiemer, Joanna Wrzesień-Kwiatkowska, Alexander Rostovtsev-Popiel



Petr Biskup, Universität Leipzig

Petr Biskup specializes in theoretical syntax, morphosyntax, information structure, and their interfaces. His particular research interests include aspect, adverbs, participles, argument structure, relations between prepositions, prefixes and case, and information structural properties of Slavic clauses.

Marcel Börner (né Guhl), Universität Leipzig

Marcel Börner is a lecturer in Russian language at the Slavic department of Leipzig University. His research interests include second language acquisition, language teaching methodology, verbal aspect and lexical semantics.

Olav Mueller-Reichau, Universität Leipzig

Olav Mueller-Reichau is Professor of Slavic Linguistics at the University of Leipzig. His research interests comprise lexical and referential semantics, morphology, the syntax-semantic interface, pragmatics. He has published on generics, verbal aspect, and further issues in Slavic grammar. Together with Petr Biskup, he currently runs a DFG-research project on inner-slavic variation in aspect. He is a member of the editorial board of the Open Slavic Linguistics series.

Iuliia Shcherbina

Iuliia Shcherbina studied German and Greek philology in Rostov-on-Don (Southern Federal University) and holds a master's degree in Translatology (IALT). Currently she is studying Business Information Systems in Leipzig.

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August 9, 2023
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