Forthcoming: Forthcoming: Constituency and convergence in the Americas

Adam J. R. Tallman   Sandra Auderset   Hiroto Uchihara  


This volume brings together studies on morphosyntactic and phonological constituency from a host of languages across the Americas. The study expands on previous multivariate typological work on phonological domains by simultaneously coding the results of morphosyntactic constituency tests. The descriptions are geared towards developing a typology of constituency and linguistic levels in both morphosyntactic and phonological domains. The multivariate approach adopted in this volume deconstructs constituency tests and phonological domains into cross-linguistically comparable variables applying and extending autotypology method to the domain of constituent structure. Current methodologies for establishing constituents have been criticized for containing an in-built selection bias, where the results and interpretation of tests are chosen or sampled in such a fashion that specific analyses are prejudged to be correct or false in a non-rigorous fashion. The papers of this volume develop novel methodology for reporting and coding constituency variables for language description and comparison that seeks to reign in selection bias allowing theories concerning the relationship between morphosyntactic and phonological constituent structure to be more severely tested.


Adam J. R. Tallman

Adam J.R. Tallman is a postdoctoral researcher at the Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena. His focus is on language documentation and description, linguistic typology and quantitative methods. He has done fieldwork on Saulteaux Ojibwe (Algonquian), Chácobo (Pano), Pacahuara (Pano), and Araona (Takana).

Sandra Auderset

Sandra Auderset is a PhD Candidate in Linguistics at the MPI-EVA and UCSB. Her current work explores Mixtecan language history with qualitative and quantitative methods, focusing on subgrouping, verbal inflection, and tone change. She is also involved in a documentation project on a Mixtec variety spoken in Oaxaca and California.

Hiroto Uchihara

Hiroto Uchihara is an Assistant Research Professor at the Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas , Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. His main focus is on tonal languages in North America, especially Cherokee and Otomanguean (Zapotec, Tlapanec and Mixtec), especially their phonology, morphology and morphosyntax, both from synchronic and diachronic, and from descriptive/typological and theoretical perspectives.


October 19, 2020
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Tallman, Adam J. R., Auderset, Sandra & Uchihara, Hiroto (eds.). Forthcoming. Forthcoming: Constituency and convergence in the Americas. (Topics in Phonological Diversity). Berlin: Language Science Press.


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