Forthcoming: One-to-many-relations in morphology, syntax, and semantics

Berthold Crysmann   Manfred Sailer  


The standard view of the form-meaning interfaces, as embraced by the great majority of contemporary grammatical frameworks, consists in the assumption that meaning can be associated with grammatical form in a one-to-one correspondence. Under this view, composition is quite straightforward, involving concatenation of form, paired with functional application in meaning. In this book, we discuss linguistic phenomena across several grammatical sub-modules (morphology, syntax, semantics) that apparently pose a problem to the standard view, mapping out the potential for deviation from the ideal of one-to-one correspondences, and develop formal accounts of the range of phenomena. We argue that a constraint-based perspective is particularly apt to accommodate deviations from one-to-many correspondences, as it allows us to impose constraints on full structures (such as a complete word or the interpretation of a full sentence) instead of deriving such structures step by step.

Most of the papers in this volume are formulated in a particular constraint-based grammar framework, Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar. The contributions investigate how the lexical and constructional aspects of this theory can be combined to provide an answer to this question across different linguistic sub-theories.


  • Introduction
    Berthold Crysmann, Manfred Sailer
  • One lexeme, many classes
    Inflection class systems as lattices
    Sacha Beniamine
  • Deconstructing exuberant exponence in Batsbi
    Berthold Crysmann
  • Periphrasis and morphosyntatic mismatch in Czech
    Olivier Bonami, Gert Webelhuth
  • The issue of “separability” in Persian Complex Predicates
    Pegah Faghiri, Pollet Samvelian
  • Subject inversion in French object relatives
    What’s your preference?
    Céline Pozniak, Anne Abeillé, Barbara Hemforth
  • Negative conjuncts and negative concord across the board
    Manfred Sailer, Frank Richter
  • Modification of literal meanings in semantically non-decomposable idioms
    Sascha Bargmann, Berit Gehrke, Frank Richter
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