Methods in prosody: A Romance language perspective

Ingo Feldhausen   Jan Fliessbach   Maria del Mar Vanrell  


This book presents a collection of pioneering papers reflecting current methods in prosody research with a focus on Romance languages. The rapid expansion of the field of prosody research in the last decades has given rise to a proliferation of methods that has left little room for the critical assessment of these methods. The aim of this volume is to bridge this gap by embracing original contributions, in which experts in the field assess, reflect, and discuss different methods of data gathering and analysis. The book might thus be of interest to scholars and established researchers as well as to students and young academics who wish to explore the topic of prosody, an expanding and promising area of study.


  • Introduction
    Ingo Feldhausen, Jan Fliessbach, Maria del Mar Vanrell
  • Foreword
    Pilar Prieto
  • Using large corpora and computational tools to describe prosody
    An exciting challenge for the future with some (important) pending problems to solve
    Juan María Garrido Almiñana
  • Intonation of pronominal subjects in Porteño Spanish
    Analysis of spontaneous speech
    Andrea Pešková
  • Multimodal analyses of audio-visual information
    Some methods and issues in prosody research
    Barbara Gili Fivela
  • The realizational coefficient
    Devising a method for empirically determining prominent positions in Conchucos Quechua
    Timo Buchholz, Uli Reich
  • On the role of prosody in disambiguating wh-exclamatives and wh-interrogatives in Cosenza Italian
    Olga Kellert, Daniele Panizza, Caterina Petrone
  • The Discourse Completion Task in Romance prosody research
    Status quo and outlook
    Maria del Mar Vanrell, Ingo Feldhausen, Lluïsa Astruc
  • Describing the intonation of speech acts in Brazilian Portuguese:
    Methodological aspects
    João Antônio de Moraes, Albert Rilliard



Ingo Feldhausen

Ingo Feldhausen is a postdoctoral lecturer in the Romance Department of Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (Germany). He obtained his habilitation (postdoctoral dissertation) in 2015 with a thesis on the intonation of left-dislocations in Spanish. He had previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie (LPP – Paris 3) and the Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (LFF – Paris 7) in Paris (France). In 2008, he defended his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Potsdam (Germany) and published it as Sentential Form and Prosodic Structure of Catalan (2010) with John Benjamins Publishing. His research focuses on the prosody-syntax interface and the intonational phonology of Romance languages as well as on language variation and multilingualism by combining empirical/experimental research and theoretical explanation.

Jan Fliessbach

Jan Fliessbach is a research assistant and doctoral candidate at the Institute of Romance Philology at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany). He works on intonation and epistemic modality in Spanish, using both corpus and experimental data. His interests include pragmatics, syntax, language variation, and sociolinguistics. His current research focuses on the interaction of prosody and discourse particles. He studied at Freie Universität Berlin and Université de Montréal (Canada).

Maria del Mar Vanrell

Maria del Mar Vanrell is an assistant professor at the Departament de Filologia Catalana i Lingüística General of the Universitat de les Illes Balears. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree at the Universitat de les Illes Balears in 2003, Vanrell worked for two years as an associate lecturer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In 2011 she defended her PhD dissertation, “The phonological relevance of tonal scaling in the intonational grammar of Catalan”, at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She has worked as a postdoctoral researcher/instructor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and at the Freie Universität Berlin. Her research focuses on the intonational phonology of Romance languages, prosody–pragmatics and prosody–syntax interfaces, the early acquisition of those interfaces, and methodological issues concerning ecological validity in data elicitation.


October 25, 2018
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