Order and structure in syntax I: Word order and syntactic structure

Laura R. Bailey   Michelle Sheehan  


This book reconsiders the role of order and structure in syntax, focusing on fundamental issues such as word order and grammatical functions. The first group of papers in the collection asks what word order can tell us about syntactic structure, using evidence from V2, object shift, word order gaps and different kinds of movement. The second group of papers all address the issue of subjecthood in some way, and examine how certain subject properties vary across languages: expression of subjects, expletive subjects, quirky and locative subjects. All of the papers address in some way the tension between modelling what can vary across languages whilst improving our understanding of what might be universal to human language.

This book is complemented by Order and structure in syntax II: Subjecthood and argument structure



  • Assertion and factivity
    Towards explaining restrictions on Embedded V2 in Scandinavian
    Kajsa Djärv, Caroline Heycock, Hannah Rohde
  • An argument against the syntactic nature of verb movement
    Jan-Wouter Zwart
  • Feature Inheritance in Old Spanish
    (re)visiting V2
    Geoffrey Poole
  • Finite sentences in Finnish
    Word order, morphology, and information structure
    Urpo Nikanne
  • Scandinavian Object Shift is phonology
    Nomi Erteshik-Shir, Gunlög Josefsson
  • Mainland Scandinavian object shift and the puzzling ergative pattern in Aleut
    Ellen Woolford
  • Repairing Final-Over-Final Constraint violations
    Evidence from Basque verb clusters
    Ricardo Etxepare, Bill Haddican
  • Head-initial postpositional phrases in North Sámi
    Marit Julien
  • Probing the nature of the Final-over-Final Constraint
    The perspective from adpositions
    Theresa Biberauer
  • Nuclear stress and the life cycle of operators
    Norvin Richards
  • Response particles beyond answering
    Martina Wiltschko
  • The Common Syntax of Deixis and Affirmation
    George Tsoulas
  • V2 and cP/CP
    Sten Vikner, Ken Ramshøj Christensen, Anne Mete Nyvad
  • Verb Second not Verb Second in Syrian Arabic
    Mais Sulaiman
  • Uniqueness of left peripheral focus, “further explanation”, and Int.
    Luigi Rizzi
  • Swedish Wh-Root-infinitives
    Christer Platzack
  • A Note on Some Even More Unusual Relative Clauses
    Richard S. Kayne
  • Theoretical limits on borrowing through contact; not everything goes
    Joseph Emonds



Laura R. Bailey

Laura Bailey is a Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Kent. She specialises in cross-linguistic and comparative syntax with a special interest in the left periphery, Latin word order, and non-standard English syntax. She also maintains a blog about language at http://linguistlaura.blogspot.co.uk.

Michelle Sheehan

Michelle Sheehan is a Reader in Linguistics at Anglia Ruskin University. She specialises in comparative and theoretical syntax with a particular focus on Romance languages. She is co-author of Parametric Variation (2010, CUP) and The Philosophy of Universal Grammar (2013, OUP), and co-editor of Theoretical Approaches to Disharmonic Word Order (2013, OUP).

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March 28, 2017
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