Our vision is that all output of linguistic research is available to all people free of charge, regardless of their affiliation, the country they live in and the financial means they have.

Our mission is to provide such a platform for the publication of books (we leave articles, research data and software to other people). The content for this platform is provided by subcommunities, which organize around series (eg Studies in Laboratory Phonology).

Our goals are:

  • satisfaction of readers, authors, editors, funders
  • creation of a strong scholar-led not-for-profit brand associated with quality and innovation
  • coverage of all subdisciplines of linguistics
  • continuous output
  • resilient setup

We evaluate our progress towards these goals via the following indicators:

  • regularity of publications across all series
  • download figures
  • submission figures
  • propagation of the LangSci setup into other fields
  • increase of the number of series
  • increase of the number of books
  • dependable legal form, long-term office space
  • happy employees with adequate pay
  • stable and long-term relations with authors, readers, and service providers