Proofreading queue

At Language Science Press, we rely on the community for proofreading. This means that all manuscripts are offered to community proofreaders, who can volunteer to read a chapter in "sneak preview" on Paperhive. All chapters should be read by at least two community members. The volunteers are listed in our Hall of Fame. If you would like to join our community of currently 338 community proofreaders, you can sign up at The following list gives the books which are currently being proofread, and the next ones up in line. The queue moves at the rate of 1 book every other week. This list is current as of 2019-09-07


  1. Quantification and scales in change by Remus Gergel & Jonathan Watkins

  2. Multi-verb constructions in Eastern Indonesia by Volker Unterladstetter


  1. Arabic and contact-induced change edited by Christopher Lucas Stefano Manfredi

  2. The clausal syntax of German Sign Language: A cartographic approach by Fabian Bross

This order is not set in stone and can change depending on circumstances. If you would like to join community proofreading for one of these volumes, register as a proofreader at