Forthcoming: A dictionary and grammatical outline of Chakali

Jonathan Brindle  


This book is the first comprehensive monograph dedicated to Chakali, a Southwestern Grusi language spoken by less than 3500 people in northwest Ghana. The dictionary offers a consistent description of word meaning and provides the basis for future research in the linguistic area. It is also designed to provide an inventory of correspondence with English usage in a reversal index. The concepts used in the dictionary are explained in a grammar outline, which is of interest to specialists in Gur and Grusi linguistics, as well as any language researchers working in this part of the world.
Jonathan Brindle
J. A. Brindle is an independent researcher. His research focuses on both poorly documented languages of Ghana, particularly the Grusi languages, and African heritage embodied in the practice of traditional religions and oral literature. His current research interests also include registers and argots, on which published documentation remains scarce.
Cover for Forthcoming: A dictionary and grammatical outline of Chakali