Public profile of Dr Christopher Straughn


Northeastern Illinois University


Worked on the following books as Proofreader:

  • Pineda, Anna & Jaume Mateu (eds.). 2020. Dative constructions in Romance and beyond ( Open Generative Syntax 7). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Bárány, András, Theresa Biberauer, Jamie Douglas & Sten Vikner (eds.). 2020. Syntactic architecture and its consequences I: Syntax inside the grammar ( Open Generative Syntax tba). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Walkden, George, Christina Sevdali & Morgan Macleod (eds.). 2020. On a law of Indo-European word order: Über ein Gesetz der indogermanischen Wortstellung ( Classics in Linguistics 7). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Aussant, Émilie & Jean-Michel Fortis (eds.). 2020. Historical journey in a linguistic archipelago: Descriptive concepts and case studies ( History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences 3). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Shim, Ji Young. 2021. OV and VO variation in code-switching ( Current Issues in Bilingualism tba). Berlin: Language Science Press.