Public profile of Dr Bojana Bašaragin


Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade

Worked on the following books as Proofreader:

  • Müller, Stefan. 2018. A lexicalist account of argument structure: Template-based phrasal LFG approaches and a lexical HPSG alternative ( Conceptual Foundations of Language Science 2). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Markantonatou, Stella, Carlos Ramisch, Agata Savary & Veronika Vincze (eds.). 2018. Multiword expressions at length and in depth: Extended papers from the MWE 2017 workshop ( Phraseology and Multiword Expressions 2). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Fantinuoli, Claudio (ed.). 2018. Interpreting and technology ( Translation and Multilingual Natural Language Processing 11). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Guzmán Naranjo, Matías. 2019. Analogical classification in formal grammar ( Empirically Oriented Theoretical Morphology and Syntax tba). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Aguilar-Guevara, Ana, Julia Pozas Loyo & Violeta Vázquez-Rojas Maldonado (eds.). 2019. Definiteness across languages ( Studies in Diversity Linguistics 25). Berlin: Language Science Press.