Public profile of Dr Yvonne Treis




Worked on the following books as Proofreader:

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  • Yakpo, Kofi. 2019. A grammar of Pichi ( Studies in Diversity Linguistics 23). Berlin: Language Science Press.
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  • Nitzke, Jean. 2019. Problem solving activities in post-editing and translation from scratch: A multi-method study ( Translation and Multilingual Natural Language Processing tba). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Lotven, Samson, Silvina Bongiovanni, Phillip Weirich, Robert Botne & Samuel Obeng (eds.). 2019. African linguistics across the disciplines: Selected papers from the 48th Annual Conference on African Linguistics ( Contemporary African Linguistics 5). Berlin: Language Science Press.
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  • Schulte im Walde, Sabine & Eva Smolka (eds.). 2020. The role of constituents in multiword expressions: An interdisciplinary, cross-lingual perspective ( Phraseology and Multiword Expressions 4). Berlin: Language Science Press.