Public profile of Matthew Czuba


Marlboro College


Worked on the following books as Proofreader:

  • Müller, Stefan. 2016. Grammatical theory: From transformational grammar to constraint-based approaches ( Textbooks in Language Sciences 1). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Rudin, Catherine & Bryan Gordon (eds.). 2016. Advances in the study of Siouan languages and linguistics ( Studies in Diversity Linguistics 10). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Hansen-Schirra, Silvia, Stella Neumann & Oliver Čulo (eds.). 2016. Annotation, exploitation and evaluation of parallel corpora: TC3 I ( Translation and Multilingual Natural Language Processing 3). Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Persohn, Bastian. 2017. The Verb in Nyakyusa: A focus on tense, aspect, and modality ( Contemporary African Linguistics 2). Berlin: Language Science Press.