What we need most is the help of the community. You can donate a bit of your time by working as a reviewer/typesetter/proof-reader or, if you are an author, by typesetting your book. But of course you can also donate money.

Money Raised/First Donation

Currently we have raised 3,153.33€ (updated with delay).

Our first donator was Prof. Peter Bosch. He won a bouquet for being our supporter no. 100. He was so kind to donate to OALI the money the bouquet would have cost. So we have our first donation of 100€ (it would have been a big bouquet). Thank you very much!

The next prize is a bicycle worth 1000€ and will be rewarded to supporter no. 1000, provided she or he is willing to donate the money too.

Things Donations Can Be Used For

The project is hosted by the Freie Universität Berlin and many costs are already covered (storage of files, backup, cataloguing, ISBNs, DOIs, ...). However, there are certain initial costs and certain running costs. Initially we have to design a logo and the covers of the book series, extend software to include gamification aspects and versioning (see Setup and Vision). We have to write software to ensure a proper conversion of Microsoft Word documents to XML and LaTeX and conversion of LaTeX to XML. After these initial costs we have running costs for editorial tasks, software maintainance, and final proofreading. We are applying to the DFG for funding, but the results of the reviewing are expected for September 2013.

These are estimated costs:

  • Typesetting a book, estimated 1000€ (depending on length and type of submission, converting Microsoft Word)
  • Hiring a student assistant for a year 14.000€
  • Hiring a person for a full time position 58.800€ (the sum for university internal calculations, the actual costs depend on the individual case)

These are amounts of money you could donate:

  • 2 € If every linguist that is subscribed to the Linguist List donates 2€, we can pay a full time position for one year.
  • 100 € If ten people donate the amount of money you would pay for a book published by one of the expensive publishers, we can produce a book that is freely availible to more than 2.45 billion people.
  • 1000 € If fourteen people donated 1000€, we can produce fourteen books on a case by case basis or hire a student to ensure continuity.
  • If you donate higher amounts, we can ...


Using Flattr you can donate easily and you also may set up a subscription that transfers money every month. For instance you could decide to donate 2€ every month. This is the equivalent of one loaf of bread (if you live in wealthy countries). Needless to say, a constant payment of 0.20€ per month or even 0.02€ would help as well.

Larger Sums

Donators who donate more than 5,000€ will be mentioned in the books, if they want to. Donators of amounts over 100€ will be listed on these web pages. It is possible to donate for a specific series and thereby to support research in a certain field.

If you want to donate larger amounts of money, please contact us. Depending on the country you live in, it will be possible to get a reduction on your income taxes.

Bank Transfer

If you want to help us financially, please send money to:

FU Berlin - Hauptkasse
Kto Nr. 51 21 58 700
Berliner Bank
100 708 48

IBAN: DE 35 10070848 0512158700
Please state the code 0416077101 (Verwendungszweck), otherwise the money cannot be assigned to OALI.


You can use PayPal to donate money. Even if you do not have a paypal account you can use your credit card to send money. Please keep in mind that paypal charges transaction fees (for donations 1,2% + 0,35€). For instance when you donate 1€, only 0,63€ arrive. If you can do a regular bank transfer without (high) fees instead, please do so.


February, 7th, 2013